Nov 16, 2009

Christmas Hair Accessories - Korkers

They are here!
Get your orders in before the Christmas rush!
Check out ALL the new Christmas items HERE.

Korkers come in four sizes: Mini - 1.5" (shown at the bottom of this post), Small - 2", Medium - 3", and Large - 4". Any small, medium, or large korker can be attached to a single or double-prong alligator clip, a french barrette, or even a ponytail holder! Clip it right to the hair, or clip it to an interchangable headband or beanie. Korkers are super cute when clipped to a ponytail or pig-tails! The following photos show the medium size.

Purchase here: Christmas Korkers

Indroducing... The Mini-Korker!

This tiny, 1.5" korker is sewn
to a small, soft ponytail holder.
So sweet!

Purchase Here: Mini-Korker Ponies

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