Jul 30, 2010

Ribbon Storage/Organization

Here are a few of my favorite ribbon storage options...

I LOVE these Pro Ribbon Organizers from organizemore.com! They are well made and packed safely. They can sit on a table or be mounted to the wall.
Bookshelf-type organization like this works perfectly for me. I don't like organizers that have a dowel through the middle of the roll because the ribbon unravels easily, and you have to take a bunch of rolls off to get to one in the middle. The Organize More shelves are my favorite, but they do not fit my 100-yard rolls of ribbon. Maybe the hubby will have to get busy building something larger! ;)

I found these DVD/CD towers with adjustable shelves on craigslist for $15/each!
Just put the back of the shelf one peg lower than the front to keep the ribbon from rolling out.

Good ol' drawers work great for ribbon as well! These Jetmax cubes came from Michael's craft store. I love these cubes for all kinds of storage. They can be arranged any way you like. Be sure to use a Michael's 40% off coupon! You can get a coupon from the newspaper, by joining their mailing list, or with your receipt after purchasing from the store.

For all those scraps of ribbon, try clear plastic jars. You can see what is in them, and they are pretty to look at! They can be used for storing all kinds of items too. These are from Making Memories. I got mine from Michael's and Robert's craft stores. Again, use those coupons!

Plastic bins are always great for long-term storage. This rolling bin can be tucked under a bed or couch. Because most ribbon rolls are not too wide, they fit well in a shallow bin. A single layer is best, so you don't have to dig through a taller bin of ribbon to find what you need. Be sure to have the lid to keep the dust out. This one came from Walmart. I believe you can purchase them separately, not just in a set of 4.

Happy organizing!


goshery said...

I would really recommend The Ribbon Ring - and I'm a customer only, I don't represent the business. It works great for me, makes my ribbon very accessible and looks pretty too! I think you can find it just by doing a search. Love mine!

ShabbyNChic said...

I have a rectangular wood basket I painted white and it fits all of my ribbon perfectly. It's not huge so it can sit on my work table and also keeps me from buying more when I don't need it.