Feb 14, 2011

Valentine Poem Giveaway

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I wrote a poem,
How about you?

Let's have some Valentine fun!  Compose a poem with the word "BowSweet" in it.  The best poem at the end of the day wins a FREE GIFT from BowSweet!

Just enter your poem in a comment on this post!


Kari Ackeret said...

a Bow by any other name wouldn't be as sweet as BowSweet.

candice said...

I love bowsweet yes I do
I love bowsweet how 'bout you
Whether rain or shine-- that's sun
Bowsweet has something for everyone
Headbands, flowers, clippies, hats
Check them out they're going fast
Holidays, birthdays or everyday wear
You can't go wrong with bowsweet for your hair!

Christin Raney said...

Bowsweet Bowsweet is the bomb, They really have it going on! From Bobbies, Bows, and Clippies galore, Make your little girl a DIVA for sure. So come to our site and look around. Make your little girl the prettiest princess around!

1Mom said...

I wake up in the morning
To the morning dew
I get my girls ready
Something is missing and I don't know what to do

I finally figure out what is is not there...
It's a bow from bowsweet to go in their hair!

Kym said...

Bobbies are red,
Clippies are blue.
I buy my bows from BowSweet,
How 'bout you?

BowSweet said...

Thank you for your entries! The winner is.... (dum duh duh DUMMMMM!!)... CANDICE! Candice - Email your shipping info to erika@bowsweet.com and I'll send your free gift!