Nov 8, 2013

Friday Feature: Curl Secret

Have you tried this fancy, schmancy thing?  Curl Secret by Conair is an easy (and a bit lazy) way to create curls in minutes.  Sometimes I like lazy.
When I first saw this thing on an ad I thought, "Whoa, how does the hair not get tangled in there?!"  Sooo… of course, I HAD to get one and try it.
It does work really well!  I have only had a few times where a stray hair finds it's way in to the chamber and pulls in a strange direction.  Ouch!  It was really user error though - going too fast and not caring about smoothing out the hair.  As long as you get a nice smooth section of hair so that the hairs lay together and go in to the chamber the same direction, it works fabulously!  It's actually really easy.
It even worked on this super fine hair!  I used really small sections of hair, but the curls turned out pretty loose because of the texture of her hair.
These next pictures were taken before combing through the hair with my fingers.  Her hair was already somewhat wavy from French Braid Waves (see our video) so the curls were not as smooth as they have been other times I've used the Curl Secret.
I mostly used the largest sections of hair possible (1 to 1.5"). You will know if the section is too large - the iron will not suck the hair in.  Here are two different curls - the one by the face was a smaller section of hair which resulted in a tighter curl.
I even tried a tiny, tiny strand.  Can you see the itty bitty ringlet toward the top of her head?
And yes, I even tried it on myself!  Disclaimer: I hate selfies!  But, you do what you gotta do for the blog, right?
I like looser curls on me, but I would still like to experiment a bit. 
It has 2 heat settings and 3 timer settings.  There is an arrow on one side indicating what side should be next to the head.
This type of product definitely requires a video.  Here's the Curl Secret in action!  Listen for the quadruple beep that says the curl is ready.

All in all, it's a bit pricey, but it's super handy.  You can get your whole head done in 10 minutes (at least I can), without getting a crazy arm cramp!  (Man, I am out of shape.  Maybe I shouldn't have a lazy product like this.  Hmm…)

Walmart and Amazon have it for the same price.  Sally Beauty Supply has a different brand for the same sale price.

Happy curling!

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