Apr 17, 2012

Bandu Knots: Attempt #2

We tried it again!  Attempt #1 was a bit of a giggle.  Wow! Those were some TIGHT curls!  We promised to show you another try at this no-heat curling method, so here we go!...

This time, just 4 knots.
She still thinks she looks like an alien.  Is there such a thing as a cute alien?  I think so.
This is just after undoing the knots.
They did relax a little more than this throughout the day.
I will guess what you are thinking next:  "What about little sister's crrrrazy hair?"
Well, let's see....

We tried just 2 knots on her.  This would actually be cute as its own hairstyle!
Ah.  Much better!  Although, definitely less entertaining than last time!
Stay tuned for our next tutorial - how to curl hair with rags!

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