May 19, 2012

Tutorial: How to Curl Hair with No Heat - Rag Curls

This curling method is not new to the world, but still a great way of curling hair with no heat.  The best part is, it is more comfortable to sleep on than bandu knots!  You can use rags like I did, or thicker socks for a fatter curl.

I started with the crown of her head, but you can try different ways of dividing the hair until you find what works for you.
Spritz with just a little water.  Don't use too much or it may not dry by morning.
Tuck the ends of the hair under the rag.
 Start rolling the hair onto the rag until you reach the head.
 Tie a simple knot.  It doesn't have to look perfect.
 I separated the rest of her hair into 3 sections.
 Tie those up and you're ready for bed!  So easy!
In the morning, untie the rags and lightly comb through the hair with your fingers. Wow!  Beautiful curls!  The rag on the left actually slipped quite a bit, but you couldn't tell once the hair was down!
I love rag curls!  This method creates loose curls with no heat, the hair stays curly all day, it's easy to do, comfortable to sleep on, and doesn't take much time!  Yay!

Try it out!  We'd love to hear how it goes for you!
Next up:  Curling with a Sock Bun!

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Anonymous said...

Tried this and loved it, when using heat my hair never stays curly ALL day without using a lot of products but doing it this way my hair stayed curly a lot longer.

BowSweet said...

Great to hear! I've tried several methods and this is one of the best!