Jul 7, 2012

Tutorial: How to Curl Hair with No Heat - Sock Bun

Here is the 3rd method in our series of
tutorials on how to curl hair with no heat!

The Sock Bun!
Cut the toe off of one of dad's CLEAN socks.  Shh... he didn't know I stole one!  I used a small sock for little sister.
 Scrunch or roll up the sock so that it looks like a doughnut.    (Mmm... doughnut...  me hungry...)
Pull all the hair into a high ponytail.  However, the hair does not have to be high like this. (*wink)  It is pretty amazing how light and pliable her hair is!  It only has water in it!    
(Little sister took over the camera for the next couple of shots.)
Pull the hair tight enough to create a face like this...
Dampen the ponytail with a little water.
Don't get it so wet that it will not dry overnight.
Put the ponytail through the doughnut.  (Actually, a maple bar sounds really good...)  Sorry, it's hard to ignore a hungry tummy!  Move the doughnut, er... SOCK to the end of the ponytail.
Tuck the ends of the hair under the sock.
Roll the sock down until it reaches the head, rolling the hair with it.
There is no need to pin it.  It actually stays in really well.  All night in fact!  I suppose it might not stay in if you are a crazy sleeper, but it worked for us!
For little sister's little hair, I used one of her own little socks.
She would make a pretty ballerina, don't ya think?
Sleep on that and take it out in the morning.
Ta-Da!  Big, loose curls that should stay in all day!
So easy and so fast!
I'm dying to put a beautiful flower clip in that hair!

So, there we have it!  Sock buns are pretty awesome!  It only took a few minutes to put up, and in the morning the results were lovely!  I worried that there would be a kink where the elastic was, but it didn't come out that way.  I'm so proud that I may have to reward myself with a doughnut!  

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! And so much better then the bobby pins I wore to school in 2nd grade (1958...long time ago) so I'd have curly hair for after lunch picture taking. Or the years I slept in brush rollers.....ugh!

BowSweet said...

HAHA! Nice. Love it!