Jul 30, 2010

Ribbon Storage/Organization

Here are a few of my favorite ribbon storage options...

I LOVE these Pro Ribbon Organizers from organizemore.com! They are well made and packed safely. They can sit on a table or be mounted to the wall.
Bookshelf-type organization like this works perfectly for me. I don't like organizers that have a dowel through the middle of the roll because the ribbon unravels easily, and you have to take a bunch of rolls off to get to one in the middle. The Organize More shelves are my favorite, but they do not fit my 100-yard rolls of ribbon. Maybe the hubby will have to get busy building something larger! ;)

I found these DVD/CD towers with adjustable shelves on craigslist for $15/each!
Just put the back of the shelf one peg lower than the front to keep the ribbon from rolling out.

Good ol' drawers work great for ribbon as well! These Jetmax cubes came from Michael's craft store. I love these cubes for all kinds of storage. They can be arranged any way you like. Be sure to use a Michael's 40% off coupon! You can get a coupon from the newspaper, by joining their mailing list, or with your receipt after purchasing from the store.

For all those scraps of ribbon, try clear plastic jars. You can see what is in them, and they are pretty to look at! They can be used for storing all kinds of items too. These are from Making Memories. I got mine from Michael's and Robert's craft stores. Again, use those coupons!

Plastic bins are always great for long-term storage. This rolling bin can be tucked under a bed or couch. Because most ribbon rolls are not too wide, they fit well in a shallow bin. A single layer is best, so you don't have to dig through a taller bin of ribbon to find what you need. Be sure to have the lid to keep the dust out. This one came from Walmart. I believe you can purchase them separately, not just in a set of 4.

Happy organizing!

Jul 26, 2010

School Colors

Here comes "Back to School" time!
What are your school colors?
The most popular color combination will be
added to BowSweet's Fall Collection!
Leave a comment on this blog post,
or go to facebook.com/bowsweet,
click on the "Discussions" tab at the top,
and add yours to the list!

Back to School SALE

Get the basics for school!
On sale now!
Ends August 16th.

Basic Boutique Bows

Jul 20, 2010

BowSweet Model Search Winners

Thanks to all of the participants in the BowSweet Model Search.

There were 912 votes total! Wow!
To see all the finalists, click HERE.

Congratulations Shelby Rose!
She is our next BowSweet model!
She will be modeling 10 of the latest products for babies/toddlers.

Congrations Taryn!
Our runner-up will be modeling 5 of the latest products for girls.

Jul 15, 2010

*New* Feather Hair Accessories

We have a new category on bowsweet.com!.. Feathers!
Feathers are all the rage right now, especially with teens and adults.
Here are a few to start with...

Purchase here: bowsweet.com/feathers

New color cap available...

Jul 11, 2010

BowSweet Model Search Finalists

**UPDATE 7/13/10, 6:00pm
The problem has been fixed. Please go to
bowsweet.com/modelsearch to cast your vote!

**UPDATE 7/13/10, 8:35am
The voting widgets are not working properly. Thank you for your patience while we fix the problem.

Thank you to all who entered the BowSweet Model Search! It was so much fun to see all the models and the photos. The finalists were selected based on the model and the artistic/physical quality of the photo. Here they are, in random order!..

Many of the photos can enlarged by clicking on them.

#1 Taryn

#2 Christel

#3 Maddy

#4 Morgan

#5 Brielle

#6 Avalee

#7 Michelle

#8 Amelia

#9 Lily

#10 Chloe

#11 Kellie

#12 Sadie

#13 Miyah

#14 McKayla

#15 Sydney

#16 Shelby Rose

#17 Kennedy

Jul 2, 2010

BowSweet Model Search

BowSweet is looking for lovely models and fabulous photos! Any age is welcome to enter - infant, girl, teen, adult. The winner(s) will receive FREE BowSweet products in exchange for photos of the model wearing them! In other words... BowSweet sends the winner free stuff, then the winner sends back photos of the model wearing the stuff, and the winner gets to keep the stuff! ;) Those photos will be used on the BowSweet website and in promotional materials. Anyone, anywhere can enter - you do not need to be close to us. The number of winners depends on the number of entries -- more entries will actually create more winners!

"How do I enter?"
Email your photo, with the age and first name/nickname of the model, to erika@bowsweet.com by Saturday, July 10, midnight MST. By entering the contest, you are giving us permission to use the photo for the operation and promotion of the BowSweet Model Search. You retain all other rights to your photo. If you use professional photos, please make sure you have the rights to send it on to me. One photo per model.

"What's next?"
BowSweet will select the top entries, which will be posted on the blog Monday, July 12. Then the winner(s) will be determined by a public vote. Send your family and friends to the blog to vote on the sidebar (bowsweet.blogspot.com). Voting period will run Monday, July 12 - Saturday, July 17, midnight MST.

"Do you have any tips?"

--Take pictures that you think might fit the style and attitude of BowSweet.
--Filtered natural light is best. (For example, take the photo on a sunny day in the shade with NO flash.)
--Neutral/calm backgrounds are best, so there are no big distractions from the subject of the photo.

Time to send those photos in!
Let's see those beautiful people and beautiful photos!

Jul 1, 2010

June Photo Gallery Winner

Congratulations to our
June Photo Gallery Winner!
She will receive a free gift from BowSweet!

Any BowSweet customer can enter!
Just send a photo of you, or your little one,
wearing BowSweet products to erika@bowsweet.com!