Oct 30, 2013

Win it Wednesday: Three Baby Nursery Prints by Gumball Grenade

Congratulations to the winners of last week's giveaway!
Lesley Maxey
Mercedes Murdock Yardley
Enjoy your $25 in BowSweet Bucks!

This week we feature artwork from Gumball Grenade!  These prints are a beautiful, whimsical addition to the baby nursery.  They make fabulous gifts too!  
Tanya from Gumball Grenade creates a playful, dreamy quality in all of her illustrations.  Pirates, whales, rockets, and pandas are featured on prints, postcards, boxes, and journals.

The polar bear prints are my FAVorite!  Tanya has graciously offered them to one lucky winner!  Just enter the form below and you could win these three 8" x 10" prints from Gumball Grenade!  They are printed with archival ink on archival matte paper and signed by the artist on the front.  They are ready to be framed and added to your wall!
(Of course, the watermark you see will not be there.)

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Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Crazy Hair Day Ideas

The internet is LOADED with crazy hairdos!  Here are some of ours and some from our friends.  When "Crazy Hair Day" rolls around, you could try one of these!

 If you like fast, easy, and crazy, just teaze the hair!  For 3 years, my girls only wanted BIG hair!  They loved the 'wow' factor and the heads turning when they walked in the room.

 This year we stepped it up and added spiders since it's close to Halloween!  It truly looked like a spider's nest!

If you feel like putting a little more effort in, you can create a more deluxe design.  This kitty head was her idea.  She loves cats and wanted to make it look like an actual cat on her head! HA!

Try a head covered in ponytails like these adorable girls!
Check out that crazy face too!
Aren't these girls the CUTEST?!?!

Try this one!  It is made of snake braids tied together, spider rings, and teased hair at the ends.

Put those tiny elastics to work! I asked my friend if there were wires inside this hairdo. Her reply: "No wires! I was surprised to learn that it was truly a gravity defying hairdo.  It was very stretchy too... We could stretch it open and spread it over her head like a cap. It was really fun!"

You could, of course, put all your BowSweet bows on at once!

WIGS!  Use them as an easy and silly hairdo - boys too!

Check out the awesome tight rope walker Polly Pocket on Babes in Hairland!

HERE are some SUPER awesome and creative ideas too!

What are your ideas?  We would LOVE to post them!
 Email them to erika@bowsweet.com

Oct 28, 2013

Monday Memos: Black and Gold Headband

Here are some of the fun and fabulous things going on at BowSweet this week!

This is the FINAL WEEK of our Clearance Event!  Also, don't forget to enter the BowSweet Bucks giveaway (ends tomorrow)!  Deals like this don't happen very often, so don't miss them!

This black sheer flower shimmers with a lovely gold sheen.  Each petal is hand-cut, singed and placed perfectly into a bloom that is about 4".  It is attached to a gold satin ribbon-wrapped headband with a dark gold button in the center.  This is a versatile and beautiful staple for the holidays!

Tuesday Tips
Check out some "Crazy Hair Day" ideas and post yours!

Win it Wednesday
We will announce the winners of BowSweet Bucks!  (You can still enter!)  A new giveaway from Gumball Grenadew will be posted!

Thursday Theater
Put a Bow on It - Halloween Edition!

Friday Features
A long-anticipated movie is coming out soon and you need this unique clip for it!

Oct 25, 2013

Friday Feature: Pantone

Want to know the official color of the year?
Want to know the color fashion trends for the next season?
Here's where you find it!

Pantone is THE authority on color.  They provide color systems that are used worldwide as a consistent standard.
They have events, seminars, training, graphic arts services, trend forecasts, and they sell products. They even have custom color services!
Emerald is the color of the year for 2013.  Did you even know there WAS an official color of the year?
The things I watch for are the colors of upcoming fashion trends.  Here is the lovely palette for Spring!  I adore Violet Tulip and Cayenne!

What about you?  What's your favorite color in your wardrobe?

Oct 23, 2013

Win it Wednesday: BowSweet Bucks

Congratulations to the winner of last week's giveaway!
Tandi Cortez-Rios
Enjoy your handcrafted kids animal masks and custom crown!

It's our turn this week!
A giveaway from BowSweet!

There are 2 winners, and up to 5 ways to win handcrafted hair accessories from BowSweet!
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Oct 22, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Storage Ideas for Elastic Hair Ties

I'm starting to think that something like this is going on...
If you feel the same way, this post may
help you keep track of them a little better!

carabiner (normally used for rope-intensive activities) is a clever, and oh-so-handy way of keeping hair elastics together.  You can easily stash it in your purse!  It doesn't need to be climbing strength - any version will do as long as it isn't the kind with a screw opening (that would be a pain)!

Any box/container will do.  (This one came from Office Depot.  It was on clearance.  Woot!)

This is a pretty nifty container!  It's called an Ouchless Purse Storage Pack.  I have seen them on Target's website.

As for the tiny rubber baby elastics?  Check out this cute container from Walmart!  They used to have a pill organizer-type container.  You could always get a pill box and organize the elastics on your own, but this one is ready to go and only $2.50!

Is that an ice cube tray?  Why, yes it is!  This is probably something you have at home already.  It has perfect slots for organizing colors and elastic types!

Here is a container like the earlier one (also on clearance at Office Depot).  This one has sections for keeping those tiny elastics seperate.

These no-dent soft elastic hair ties are SUPER popular!  Click here to see ours.

When you're not storing them on your wrist, you can put them in a glass or plastic jar for fun and handy storage on your bathroom counter.  This is normally used for q-tips or cotton balls.

These drawers from the Container Store are great for so many things!  

This is a pretty smart invention!  I can see elastics hiding in the two storage compartments in this brush.  

Check out this mommy blogger's find for hair elastics and other accessories.  Looks so nice on the dresser!  Click on this link to see what's inside the box. 

How do you store your hair elastics?

Check out our other post on BOBBY PIN STORAGE IDEAS.

Soon to come - storage ideas for bows, headbands, brushes and more.

Oct 21, 2013

Monday Memos: What does the fox say? Whooo loves owls?

                                        What does the fox say?                                        

                                        Whooo loves owls?                                        

Also this week...
Tuesday Tips:  Storage ideas for elastic hair ties

Win it Wednesday:  Announce last week's winner and enter to win BowSweet Bucks!

Thursday Theater:  How to make a mini twisted boutique hair bow

Friday Features:  Pantone

Oct 18, 2013

Friday Features: Topsy Tail

Do you remember the "Topsy Tail?"  It's making a comeback!  I purchased this set by Conair on Amazon.  Amazon's description: "This is the original Scunci Topsy Tail that now has the Conair name because these 2 companies have recently merged. This package contains one large Topsy Tail and a Topsy Tail Jr. hair styling tool, along with easy instructions for all 6 styles. Also includes 3 No Damage elastics."  The loops are made of a slick, bendable plastic.

This is a quick and easy way to give a twisted look to your ponytail.  You can use your fingers to pull the ponytail through and get the same effect, but using the Topsy Tail makes it a bit easier and cleaner.  

You can use it for regular ponytails, side ponytails, a small top side ponytail, a twisted updo and more.  
You can use it when you wrap a strand of hair around the elastic - use the Topsy Tail to hide the end of the strand.  I have even seen it used to create hearts in the hair for Valentine's day!

If you are sick of a regular 'ol ponytails, give the Topsy Tail a try!