Mar 16, 2012

Tutorial: How to Curl Hair with No Heat - Bandu Knots

Here is my first attempt at Bandu Knots as a no-heat curling method!  

Bandu Knots (or Bantu Knots) can actually be worn as a style one day, and then untwisted for curls the next day.   We just wanted to try sleeping on them, and only using them as a curling method.

 Supplies used:   water spritzer, a comb, and elastics (you could use bobby pins instead, but that doesn't sound too comfy for sleeping).
First, gather a section of hair and spray the hair lightly with water.  Note: Don't spray too much or it may not dry by morning.
Larger sections result in looser curls and smaller sections result in tighter curls.
Do your best to form diamond-shaped sections! It will help the curls blend together (and not look like sections), when you undo the twists in the morning.  

This little cutie has really short, thin, wispy hair, but they say Bandu Knots can work on all types of hair, so here we go!...
Next, twist the section of hair.  (Oh yes, she can be rather silly!)
Keep twisting until it twists onto itself...
...and ends up like this...
Finally, put the elastics on, and pull faces in the mirror (optional).  
I suppose she's right - she does look a little bit like an alien.
Here is a longer, thicker-haired version of it.  
No, we don't feed our girls sugar at bedtime.  They are just crazy and fun, all on their own.
That's all there is to it!  Now it's time to sleep on them. 

Awwww....  such cute little aliens!
Cock-a-doodle-doo!  It's morning!
Undo the twist, which looks like this before combing through it...

Ok - so... I realize this is a really sad picture, but this is how her tiny hair turned out.  She wasn't too happy with it (obviously)!  We ended up wetting it down and putting it in pigtails for the day.  Bummer.
She has such thin hair, it appears she only needs a couple of looser knots.  The next attempt should yield looser, larger curls. (I hope!)  

Confession:  I did giggle a little on the inside when I took this photo.  Ok, a lot.

Hmmm... not tooooo bad.  She has much thicker, longer hair, but I still like a looser curl, so next time we'll have to try bigger sections of hair, less knots, and a looser twist on her.

Stay tuned for attempt #2!  

Mar 13, 2012

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