Oct 8, 2013

Tuesday Tips - Bobby Pin Storage


Do you ever feel like those handy little bobby pins can also be a bit annoying?

Bobby pins seem to scatter themselves everywhere in my house!  Of course... that is, until I actually NEED one and then I can't seem to find any!  Maybe I need to look closer...

I love to organize and this is one of those things that I had to fix!  
Here are some fabulous ideas!...

Magnets are perfect for bobby pins.  No, this isn't a bar of soap.  It is a magnetic pin holder that I usually use for straight pins.  It works great to corral those little buggers!

Not easy to spill... easy to grab a bobby pin or two... looks nice...  I'd say a magnetic paper clip holder is a great way to go.  You can even wrap fabric around it to match your decor.  Check out Kitty's adorable version HERE.

I have seen magnetic strips floating around the internet world, so I created my own.  Now they won't fly around my drawer and wedge their way into drawer cracks and other things!  (I think they have a mind of their own.)  This is in my bathroom drawer, but you could put it anywhere.  Inside of a medicine cabinet door is a great place. Oh, and yes - I did take the time to line up those bobby pins.  Did I mention I like to organize?  

I LOVE the Container Store!  These boxes are great for any small storage needs you have - makeup, cotton balls and q-tips, fingernail polish, etc.  These can look nice and organized on your counter and you can easily see what's inside.

This is actually a box I found on clearance at Office Max.  Any small containers can work.  Anything that works for you, works great.  This works for me!

This is a matchbox-type container that comes full of bobby pins from Sally.  This is small enough to stash away in your purse.  It holds plenty of bobby pins.  Also, they are very nice, high quality pins.

YUP!  Tic Tac containers!  They are useful for so many things, aren't they?  This can be thrown in your bag too!

Altoids.  I am not a mint person, so I didn't have a big problem throwing them out for this bobby pin storage.  Priorities, right?

I use a few of these options and they work great.  Now my bobby pins aren't on every counter, hiding in the carpet, basking in the sun on the window sill, rusting on the shower shelf, swimming around in my bags and drawers, or falling down the drain!  (Well, most of the time...)

I'd love to hear how you store your bobby pins!
Happy storage!

This is the first in a series of hair accessory storage ideas.
Stay tuned for more posts dedicated to elastics, bows, and headbands!

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