Oct 22, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Storage Ideas for Elastic Hair Ties

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carabiner (normally used for rope-intensive activities) is a clever, and oh-so-handy way of keeping hair elastics together.  You can easily stash it in your purse!  It doesn't need to be climbing strength - any version will do as long as it isn't the kind with a screw opening (that would be a pain)!

Any box/container will do.  (This one came from Office Depot.  It was on clearance.  Woot!)

This is a pretty nifty container!  It's called an Ouchless Purse Storage Pack.  I have seen them on Target's website.

As for the tiny rubber baby elastics?  Check out this cute container from Walmart!  They used to have a pill organizer-type container.  You could always get a pill box and organize the elastics on your own, but this one is ready to go and only $2.50!

Is that an ice cube tray?  Why, yes it is!  This is probably something you have at home already.  It has perfect slots for organizing colors and elastic types!

Here is a container like the earlier one (also on clearance at Office Depot).  This one has sections for keeping those tiny elastics seperate.

These no-dent soft elastic hair ties are SUPER popular!  Click here to see ours.

When you're not storing them on your wrist, you can put them in a glass or plastic jar for fun and handy storage on your bathroom counter.  This is normally used for q-tips or cotton balls.

These drawers from the Container Store are great for so many things!  

This is a pretty smart invention!  I can see elastics hiding in the two storage compartments in this brush.  

Check out this mommy blogger's find for hair elastics and other accessories.  Looks so nice on the dresser!  Click on this link to see what's inside the box. 

How do you store your hair elastics?

Check out our other post on BOBBY PIN STORAGE IDEAS.

Soon to come - storage ideas for bows, headbands, brushes and more.

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