Oct 18, 2013

Friday Features: Topsy Tail

Do you remember the "Topsy Tail?"  It's making a comeback!  I purchased this set by Conair on Amazon.  Amazon's description: "This is the original Scunci Topsy Tail that now has the Conair name because these 2 companies have recently merged. This package contains one large Topsy Tail and a Topsy Tail Jr. hair styling tool, along with easy instructions for all 6 styles. Also includes 3 No Damage elastics."  The loops are made of a slick, bendable plastic.

This is a quick and easy way to give a twisted look to your ponytail.  You can use your fingers to pull the ponytail through and get the same effect, but using the Topsy Tail makes it a bit easier and cleaner.  

You can use it for regular ponytails, side ponytails, a small top side ponytail, a twisted updo and more.  
You can use it when you wrap a strand of hair around the elastic - use the Topsy Tail to hide the end of the strand.  I have even seen it used to create hearts in the hair for Valentine's day!

If you are sick of a regular 'ol ponytails, give the Topsy Tail a try!

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