Dec 17, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Christmas Wreath Hairstyle

Today we are trying a beautiful Christmas wreath hairstyle!  I love the corkscrew braid continuing around the front of the head.  So pretty!  Use our Poinsettia Clip (as seen in the photo) or another bow to finish off the wreath look.  It would also be cute with little mini-bows or flowers tucked in around the circle.  You could incorporate a long ribbon as part of the twist to add extra dimension.  You could do a smaller/tighter twist on top of the head and use it as an angel halo!  Or try leaving half of the hair down?  So many possibilities! 

This is a gorgeous style for any time of year.  Wouldn't it be particularly amazing for a wedding??  OOo!OOo!  - Then add one of our head wreaths!

Send us pics!  We would love to see your version!

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