Dec 10, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Headband Storage Ideas

Headbands can take up a lot of space and create a mess!  Here's are some ideas that could help organize and take care of your headbands!

Slip your headbands over the top of a vase - seen HERE.
 A large, clear jar like this works great for stashing headbands away in a hurry, and can add some color and interest to your bathroom decor.  It would be best for headbands with little/no embellishments on them.  It could be used to soft headbands too.
If you would like them tucked away in a drawer like this, try using a 2 liter soda container!  
Certainly, the most popular method is creating a headband holder using an oatmeal container (perfect size) and scrapbook paper or fabric.  You can even use the inside for soft headbands, brushes and combs, or any other hair products that need to be stored.  There are many versions on the web, and here are some great ones.
HERE is a simple explanation.   
HERE is a step by step tutorial.
HERE is one that was sectioned off for various types of hair items.  
HERE is super pretty one!
HERE is a tutorial for a hanging headband holder with elastic loops.
HERE is an actual product specifically designed to solve the headband storage issue.

How do I store them?  I have headband stands that my hunky husband made with me!  We used PVC, a simple wooden platform, dowels, and velvet.  You can vary the height and it looks fabulous!
As you may guess, my girls have a LOT of hair accessories!  I have tried many ways of organizing and keeping them nice.  I have settled on these stackable drawers from the Container Store.  I LOVE them!  They fit perfectly on our linen closet shelves and my girls can use them easily!  They are very sturdy and they are roomy enough to fit headbands.  Can you see the white headband in there? 
How do you store your headbands?  We'd love to know and maybe even add it to our list!

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