Dec 3, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Hair Tools Storage

Do your iron and blow dryer permanently live on your counter?  Are you wishing you had more counter space?  Here are some storage ideas I have found.
When we were first married, we didn't have ANY counter space in our bathroom and only a pedestal sink.  My blow dryer would actually end up IN the sink many, many times.  I know, SCARY, right?!  I'm glad we survived that.  Now my tools are thrown in a basket under the sink, but I would love to find something more useful, easily accessible, and that will help with my mess of tangled cords.  
Maybe I'll actually put them away if there is a great place for them!

Here are some ideas I found...

If you like something to hang on the wall, you could try this cabinet.  It has a mirror and cubbies for hair products.  Everything is plugged in and ready to turn on with a flip of the switch on a surge protector.  Question to self: would I actually trust it and leave them plugged in and turning off the surge protector?  There is a bit of relief and satisfaction that comes from yanking the cord out of the wall!   They have it in white and espresso at Lowe's for $129. 
This is definitely a cheaper way to go - just pvc attached to the inside of the cabinet door!
Boy, I may have to look into this next one.  The fake front on my cabinet is a lot smaller than this one, so I'm not sure if it would work.  It looks fabulous though!  This site gives you a little bit of a 'how to' on this project. 
Amy over at the The Idea Room came up with this solution.  It totally looks like it has always been part of the space.  She gives all the links and info you need to make your own!
Here's something that looks like it would be pretty easy to install.  And it slides out!  Love that.  $150 + shipping though, hmmm….
Here is something from BB&B for $20 that can hook on to a rod, or door, or just sit on the counter.  Not my favorite idea though - I am looking for a more permanent fixture.
There are even more ideas out there!  I think I'll keep searching…
How do you store your hair tools?
Leave a comment and let us know!

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