Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Crazy Hair Day Ideas

The internet is LOADED with crazy hairdos!  Here are some of ours and some from our friends.  When "Crazy Hair Day" rolls around, you could try one of these!

 If you like fast, easy, and crazy, just teaze the hair!  For 3 years, my girls only wanted BIG hair!  They loved the 'wow' factor and the heads turning when they walked in the room.

 This year we stepped it up and added spiders since it's close to Halloween!  It truly looked like a spider's nest!

If you feel like putting a little more effort in, you can create a more deluxe design.  This kitty head was her idea.  She loves cats and wanted to make it look like an actual cat on her head! HA!

Try a head covered in ponytails like these adorable girls!
Check out that crazy face too!
Aren't these girls the CUTEST?!?!

Try this one!  It is made of snake braids tied together, spider rings, and teased hair at the ends.

Put those tiny elastics to work! I asked my friend if there were wires inside this hairdo. Her reply: "No wires! I was surprised to learn that it was truly a gravity defying hairdo.  It was very stretchy too... We could stretch it open and spread it over her head like a cap. It was really fun!"

You could, of course, put all your BowSweet bows on at once!

WIGS!  Use them as an easy and silly hairdo - boys too!

Check out the awesome tight rope walker Polly Pocket on Babes in Hairland!

HERE are some SUPER awesome and creative ideas too!

What are your ideas?  We would LOVE to post them!
 Email them to erika@bowsweet.com

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